Diatom Map Art

Tuesday, November 15th, 02016

You know that feeling when you think you’ve seen this before? History and art tend to repeat themselves in ideas, but just in a new context with a new focus.

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Week #196-203

Friday, January 2nd, 02015

A massive two month weeknote. Probably the longest short post we’ve done. Now the deck is clear for the new year.

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Week #139

Saturday, October 12th, 02013

After spending a few days learning about computer security, reviewing some of our own projects we’ve learnt a great deal about issues around security.

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Weeks #134-135

Friday, September 13th, 02013

Thanks to an incredible conference and travel, we missed week 134, so this is a double weeknote to get back on track.

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Gestalten: A Map of the World

Tuesday, May 14th, 02013

The publisher Gestalten asked permission to print a few of our projects in their newest book, A Map of the World. It is a beautiful book full of wonderous maps from various artists around the world.

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