Paper Calendars

Staying organized means knowing what is ahead of you. The simplest way we've managed to keep-up with requests, new projects and deadlines are simple paper calendars. You can run the world on a page a day calendar.

Our Work

Over the years we've had the good fortune to work with lots of great companies. From creating dashboards to problem solving, we have focused on user interaction of seemingly simple utilities.

If we can help you, get in contact.

We worked with PwC for close to a year. Building-up their internal data vizualization team and creating beautiful, mobile friendly, internal dashboards.

For UEFA, we created a fully-customizable online calendar tool to follow teams, leagues and events so you'll never miss a game.

Working with the team at Burstly, we prototyped several iterations of their popular TestFlight tool.


Data Visualizations

We specializing in telling stories and solve problems using appropriate data visualizations.

From articles and books to projects and lectures, we have a deep understanding of how to get the right message across.

Symbol fonts to get beautiful vector icons into your webpages. These can be styled fonts or icons like batteries.

Creating Symbol Fonts book

HLS World Map

We're big fans of color and cartography. We wanted a visual way to find the color of location on Earth. Using the HLS color space, we mapped every latitude and longitude to an RGB color.

Stay in Touch

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