Week #293

Friday, September 23rd, 02016

Week #293, the ball is starting to roll on new projects, a few meetings, planning and packing for a conference trip.

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Week #221-222-223

Sunday, May 24th, 02015

Over the last three weeks, we’ve seen a few holidays, vacations and deadlines. We’re through all that and now getting back on track with all our writing.

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Week #189-190

Friday, October 3rd, 02014

A double weeknote that spans a quarter. Some exciting news, projects and grant proposals. We’ve been very busy gearing-up for 02015.

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Week #181-182

Sunday, August 10th, 02014

Another fortnight passes with lots of random and interesting things happening. We’ve had our head down these weeks to try and manage all the projects that we have up in the air right now. Many deadlines have passed and we’re proud of the results.

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Week #179-180

Friday, July 25th, 02014

Amidst two busy weeks there has been plenty of lunar talk. None of our projects are about space, but we did find plenty of interesting links to other people’s.

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