Week #448

Friday, September 13th, 02019

This has been our getting organised week. Planing, cleaning and meetings all prepping for more free-time in October to start new projects.

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Week #447

Friday, September 6th, 02019

We fell off the weeknote wagon, but are getting back on again!

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Week #363

Saturday, January 27th, 02018

Week 363 is a palindrome, which we love! We are juggling four or five projects this week. Lots of balls in the air, but we’re slowly finishing-up various tasks and hitting deadlines. It feels like one of those weeks where no real work gets done because you’re constantly planning or fixing.

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Week #362

Friday, January 19th, 02018

Week #362 has come and gone. Lots of scrambling, decisions, announcements, planning, fixing and launching occurred in just 5 days.

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Week #259

Friday, January 29th, 02016

Time flies by and we’re at another weeknote. This time we’ve been exploring some Virtual Reality.

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