year in review


02015 Annual Report

Another Annual Report. We try to make as much of our numbers public as possible so other freelancers and small agencies can try to compare and see how they stand.

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02014 Annual Report

A look at how the company was run for 02014, where our income came from and a breakdown of time spent on various projects and activities.

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Omnibus 02011

02011 was an incredibly busy year, so the number of posts published has been less than expected with only 11. Behind the scenes, the number of posts drafted was probably an all time high. Many new ideas were stubbed, but the time was never found to research, write and illustrate them further. That just means […]

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Omnibus 02010

This is a quick look back at the articles published in 02010 and any updates, follow-ups, corrections or conclusions since their original publication.

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