Week #556-557-558

A triple weeknote covering mostly meetings and internal projects.

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Week #543 & 544

A double weeknote. The last before the long summer holidays. We’ll still be working here and there, but taking sometime to relax too.

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Week #524-525

A double weeknote covering the good, the bad, and the ugly of the finances.

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Week #360

It is week #360, we’ve declared bankruptcy for weeknotes in 02017. It was a very busy year with lots of things we can and can’t talk about, so rather than dwell on the past, we’re cutting our weeknote losses and moving forward at (a hopefully) regular pace. We started off 02018 with weeknote #360. 360 […]

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Week #291-292

Another double weeknote. This past fortnight has been mostly meetings, pitching, top secret project work and back into iOS development.

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