Released in 1983, “Sports” is the 3rd album by Huey Lewis and the News. But sports have been popular for a much longer time that this. From ancient greek games, to the modern day battlefields on the pitch, sports permeate so many aspects of our lives. So how can technology make sports better, more fair, more interesting, more educational?


Near future of sports from a spectator’s point of view

How we attend and watch sporting events will change due to the use and prevalence of technology and the ubiquitousness of connectivity. As we carry around more and more sophisticated mobile phones that are always on and always connected to the Internet, the way we as spectators will view sporting events, gather information and make decisions is going to change drastically.

This is an exploration of some technological changes and challenges in the near future framed within the contexts of being a spectator at sporting events. At the end of the day, the biggest advances needed won’t be in the hardware realm, but instead with interface design. The shear amount of data available to be mined needs to be done in a fast and simple way and on small devices the task gets even harder.

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