Week #259

Friday, January 29th, 02016 at 22:22 UTC

Week 259 shares its name with 259 Althea one of the largest main belt asteroid at around 185km across. It is an X-Type asteroid which contains early carbonaceous material. 259 is also the country calling code for Tanzania.

A few new projects have been appearing on the radar. There is a Data Vizualization VR project which is coming together. For the Strata Conference in Late March in San Jose, we’ve been asked to put together 2-3 data visualizations in a VR world. The technology behind building these objects is becoming easier and easier. Most of the code is all created in JavaScript and the VR World solves all the rest of the problems. We have 8 weeks to build out some interesting possibilities.

We’ve also been working on a few other projects and branding. There is a lot of laser cutting of materials that we’re looking into, so that will all be put under a new brand. It is still very early days, but we are making progress.

We also have uploaded another version of our iOS project and this time requested a proper review. The first app we tried this with was out-right rejected. This new app has a better chance. This is for the AppleTV. The last review process took about a week, so maybe by our next week note, we’ll have a link to share!

The material conference that we’re planning has also been taking shape behind the scenes. We have invited a few more speakers and awaiting their replies and requirements. We have also been working on our first newsletter. If you are not on the mailing list, you should sign-up! This will be a Kickstarter project, so we also have been putting together the rewards, the text for the site and a script for the video. Along with all that content, we’ll put most of it back on the website and then possibly into something physical.


Since we have been researching a lot of VR best practices lately, we found this VR construction helmet very interesting. One very specific use-case and business vertical where VR and Augmented Reality can really benefit the experience.

These are the sorts of people, thoughts and crazy ideas we want to both showcase at the Material Conference, but also to get you inspired to think and see the world in a different way. This is a master frame maker rebuilding lost tools to carve intricate frames by machine.

A light hearted look at Werner Herzog reading Where’s Waldo. It isn’t really Werner Herzog, but a very good impression.