Week #260

Friday, February 5th, 02016 at 22:22 UTC

It is week #260. This week shares its name with 260 Huberta a large main belt asteroid in the outer belt. 260 is also the country code for Zambia and the area code for Northeastern Indiana in the USA.

The weather has shifted again this week to ominously winter. Not the nice kind of cold, white, snowy winter, but the windy, rainy, grey winter. Then today, on Friday, the sun came out for a welcomed respite from the storm.

This is the last week for a while that we will be onsite for one of our customers. We’ve been working closely with them for a while now, getting data prepared and helping to plan. For the next three months we’ll be taking a break while we do some internal projects, grow some new skills and plan for this summer. It will be great to re-group in May with a new vigour and renewed interest.

Our second iOS app we built was accepted into the iTunes store today! It isn’t public yet, we are finishing-up the documentation and website. Then we’ll spruce-up the description, set a price and release it to the world. Then the fun begins!


It is the start of the new year and we will be spending some time sorting out our finances in the upcoming weeks. To us, that’s way more fun that it sounds. We’ll be drafting our Annual Report to find out where our money came from and where it went. Breaking down all the categories or work and projects. We’ll also be reviewing our burn rate and make adjustments to our hourly rate if needed.


Each year Ueno Zoo in Tokyo has a practice drill to test their preparedness if an animal were to escape. This week was the 02016 test to see how ready they would be if a Zebra had escaped.