Week #258

Friday, January 22nd, 02016 at 23:32 UTC

It is week #258 shares its name with 258 Tyche a large, stoney main belt asteroid. At 65km in diameter it isn’t small.

US Route 258 is part of the interstate highway system running from Virginia through North Carolina and is 354.30km in length.

It has been a busy week and it went by fast. Several meetings. We met with some folks at the Icelandic Academy of Arts. They have been pairing designers up with programmers and things have been going well. We met with a Master Student who needs some help programming data visualisations. Hopefully we can help or connect some dots. We also are kicking off another project around data visualisations, this time in a 3D virtual reality system. It should be a fun project!

More iOS programming has been happening. Slowly but surely. Our first attempt at an iOS app was rejected by Apple. They said it was too simple and had no merit. Which is sad to hear since we’ve downloaded apps with even less useful or interestingness. But we’re not heartbroken, we knew this was a simple app. It was meant to be our canary in a coal mine. Using it to test how the process works, how long it takes, etc. We’ve learnt a lot and are making progress on our next app. This one is much more ambitious. It will work across Apple TV, iOS devices and the Apple Watch. There is still a long way to go, but we are making progress. It has been out to beta testers and we’re getting feedback and making improvements. Our next big challenge is to get a website ready to explain how it all works.


Material Conference is shaping-up too. We’ve been reaching out to speakers, a few have been too expensive, others have prior obligations. A few are exciting and should confirm soon. Our dance card is slowing filling-up and is looking impressive. We also stubbed the kickstarter project, filled out some initial rewards for our backers and will continue to refine the message about the meaning of the conference.


The Fabric of Sound by BeatWoven is a work that incorporates musical waveforms and translates them into new patterns which are then woven into textiles. Generative art using music as the seed. Beautiful stuff.

This week has been all a buzz about the possibility of a new 9th planet orbiting our solar system. It is so far out there, it will take 15,000 years to do one lap. It is only theoretical, based on the observation and strange coalescing of six other asteroids and planetoid bodies all having an orbit that seems to have been shepherded into place by some missing planet. It is indirect evidence, but now people are searching in the right places and looking for something very specific.