Bookblock Original

Tuesday, October 25th, 02016

Many, many months ago, we were asked to submit a design for the new Bookblock Original Series of notebooks. We went through our archive and found something interesting and challenging to test. The results are beyond expectation.

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Week #258

Friday, January 22nd, 02016

A quick week! Some good news, some bad, but we’re making progress and meeting some new and interesting people.

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Week #213-214

Friday, March 20th, 02015

Another double weeknote. This time we had a short trip abroad for some on-site training and then some research and needs assessment with a local company for one of our future projects.

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Week #206

Friday, January 23rd, 02015

A look back over a week or getting organised and planning.

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Week #181-182

Sunday, August 10th, 02014

Another fortnight passes with lots of random and interesting things happening. We’ve had our head down these weeks to try and manage all the projects that we have up in the air right now. Many deadlines have passed and we’re proud of the results.

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