Week #582, #583, #584

Friday, April 22nd, 02022 at 14:41 UTC

This is a quick triple weeknote. 21 days have passed, but it has far from been a solid 3 weeks of work. Easter break and other public holidays chopped-up our flow. We still managed to get a bunch done that we can talk about and a bunch more we can’t.

Week #582

Lots of small things to tie-up before the Easter holidays. We sent out the 02022Q2 Quarterly Newsletter. You can read it online, we talk about recapturing satellite! You should also subscribe so you never miss an issue.

After our SF trip, we showed off one idea to friends and they have encouraged us to focus a small portion of it. This is a fun little party game of guess the picture, a bit like a digital version of Pictionary, without the need to draw anything. Codename Pixture, we first made an HTML prototype, then moved it to a simple swiftUI app. We’re at a point now to get more feedback and continue to add content and see if it goes anywhere. When it is in a better place, we can invite others to give it a try!

Week #583

This was a slow week because of Easter break. Thursday, Friday, Sunday and the following Monday are all public holidays in Iceland. We still managed to fit a lot in!

We synced with the new accountant to finish-up and approve the company annual report for 02021. We took a trip to the city of Borgarnes to visit our farmer contacts for our sheep skin projects. Another day, we went to the Uppspuni minimill where they convert wool to yarn and other products on a small scale.

Week #584

Another short week due to public holidays. Both Easter Monday and Thursday, the first day of summer, are public holidays. Inbetween the gaps, we’ve managed to achieve a few things.

One of the top secret projects hyperion has been using Unity Cloud Build to compile the software. We wanted to get the results of that build process sent over to Apple’s App Store Connect so we can get it up on TestFlight. After a bunch of back and forth, we completed the loop!

We also sent out the 4th episode of the ⪮ Good Morning Newsletter, you should subscribe to get it delivered right to your inbox.


We’re in a good spot. There are only two outstanding invoices. One is in transition since our client switched to using some fancy Invoicing-as-a-service company called DEEL. Each month, our invoices are automatically submitted on our behalf, they get a big bill from DEEL for all their contractor/vendor invoices. They pay DEEL and a few days later we get paid. It is all very transparent and fast. Our April invoice will be paid on May 5th (then an extra day or two for the international bank transfer).

The other invoice is for our local wordpress project. We were a sub-contractor to the contractor, so we submit our invoice at the end of March and they pass it along to the client, so it might be a few more weeks.


Weeknote #375 was written four years ago. We talk about our idea for a “TextStats” iOS app to get word count and other info from the action sheet. That was also the week we got an EU rejection letter about our Electric Bike Concept. We’re still working on it, but with COVID the project has nearly come to a halt over the last few years.

Near Future of Sports from a Spectator’s Point of View was written in 02009 looking at potential tech trends. Some, like a volumetric video of real NBA games, make sporting events more video-game-like! Others, like the eInk clothing still has a way to go before it is customer ready, even though we’ve seen eInk dresses and eInk concept cars.