Week #514

Friday, December 18th, 02020 at 12:21 UTC

This is week #514, it shares its name with the phone area code for Montreal Canada and with the Icelandic Company, CCP’s game DUST 514. It is also a namesake of the minor planet 514 Armida.

The old saying goes “The cobbler’s children never have any shoes”. Which is totally true, when you work on the Web and are always busy with client projects, your own website never really gets an update. Over the next few weeks, with some holiday downtime, we plan on rolling out a few minor tweaks to these pages and brush-up on some new CSS trends.

Designing with Data is now over 10 years old and we want to revisit it in some way. Not sure exactly what, but we have some plans for the new year to breath a bit of life into the old version of the book.

This week we had a call with our Australian Plumbers to finish off that project. Next week is their annual Christmas company BBQ (remember it is summertime in the southern hemisphere). Where they will announce the project to the team and onboard everyone to the new way of logging time. This is one of the projects that has a direct cost/value proposition. Yes, they paid for our time to code the project, but they quickly see how it will reduce the effort of the payroll team from a day’s work of processing paper forms, retyping hours and subtracting RDO, to reviewing and approving digital timesheets.

As this project comes to a close, we’re already ramping-up our next project. We’re behind an NDA, so we can’t talk too much about it (yet), but it certainly involves more data visualisations, front-end and does not involve time tracking!

Last year, we wrote about Apple’s SF Symbol Font. Since then, they updated it with a bunch more glyphs, including color versions. We whipped-up another poster including everything. If anyone’s interested in the file, drop us a line.

The highlight of this week was a meeting with some folks sharing some thoughts, tips and tricks about VR. We got to meet the real-life inspiration for a Pixar cartoon character! Everyone was amazed at what each other had done and in that 2.5h meeting, everyone was still excited by the end of it!

Happy Holidays

This is our last weeknote of 02020. We’re closing the doors for the remaining few weeks for the holiday season and will be back in early January.