Week #508 & #509

Friday, November 13th, 02020 at 13:32 UTC

Week #508

Monday was fairly productive. We pushed a bunch of minor updates to our iOS apps. Mostly so they were re-compiled to take advantage of the newest OS libraries. We published our article: Paying for Contrast. Our publishing schedule is shaky, but it’s like getting back to the gym. It will take time to get into a good writing routine.

The rest of the week we were glued to 🇺🇸 election results. It was a long, long week of not getting much done. Everyone’s heads were in the clouds. Even though we weren’t getting any updates, the uncertainly made it very difficult to focus and concentrate.

The great thing about keeping weeknotes is that you can jump back 4 years and see what your thoughts were then too. See Week #300, that’s the last presidential election week – we got no work done then either!

Overall, week #508 was pretty much a write off. In fact, it was probably productively negative. Not only did we not get anything done that week, we were actively behind in week #509 because we now needed to do nearly two weeks worth of work in one!

Week #509

We’re still dealing with the fall-out from the previous week, so while productivity increased, there is still a backlog.

We finished testing our Time Tracking tool for the Plumbing team down in Australia. This tool allows the team to enter time via their phone on site. It sends SMS reminders and syncs all the data back to there accounting software Xero. It also generates weekly reports for project managers to help with their projections.

We’ve had a few meetings now with a new client (signed an NDA, so can’t say whom yet). This is back to visualisations and is a small project to test the waters and build a relationship while we’re still fully booked-up on time.

Every two months, we need to turn in our tax reports for all the VSK (value added tax) we collect and pay. It gets reconciled with the government and we get a bill or some credit. While this is annoying that it seems to pop-up so often when you are least free to work on it, it makes the end of year tax returns much, much easier! A stitch in time saves nine.

Election Related Bric-à-brac