Week 304-305-306-307

Friday, December 30th, 02016 at 12:21 UTC

It is the last weeknote of 02016 and it is a four week combo. This encompasses most of the month of December.

We did a lot this month. Lots of prepping for 02017 is underway. We’ve been slowly rekindling the material.is conference idea for 02017. A few new ideas to help make this more of a reality. We’ve also been working on our next quarterly newsletter, some client work and internal projects.

Week #304

We picked-up a small project which will begin in early 02017 for O’Reilly Media. We’ll be looking at the results of their salary survey for programmers. It will be our task to compile the results into some charts and graphs along with some overall analysis of trends and the general situation of the market.

We also had a few meetings this week with other smart and interesting people. It was good to get feedback about a few of our crazy ideas and hear about theirs too.

Week #305

We found ourselves on the AppleTV App store this week. Many months ago we submitted our app Dashbones to the App Store for iOS and tvOS. Before the most recent TV update, the choices for categories listed were very small and didn’t include business, which is the category we submitted too. It was a surprise for us when we upgraded and saw business as a new category option. We were even more surprised to click it and see our app as #2 in top grossing!

This week we also took on a very small, but quick project. Working with a local ad agency, we created a simple HTML webpage for their customer. Hopefully, after some minor feedback improvements and launch, we can show you a bit more about this project.

Week #306

This was a short week because of the holidays. It was even shorter because most of the office was out of commission with the stomach flu. We didn’t get much done beyond a few phone meetings and answering of emails.

Week #307

Recovering from the holidays and flu, we’re almost back to full-steam. One client needs some mock-ups, which we’re sadly behind on delivering, but we’re focused and will probably spend some time at their office, side-by-side to finish off all the details and make sure they hit their deadlines.


This is a candy sculpture from Japan that creates amazing, life-like objects from nothing more than sugar, water and a little dye.