Week #132

Friday, August 23rd, 02013 at 15:51 UTC

It is week #132. The number 132 is a self-number, which means it is the sum of integers with the values 1, 2 and 3. It is also the number of columns of a Line printer printing in landscape mode on 14-inch paper. In the year 132, the first Seismometer was invent to measure earthquakes.

Another busy week here at HQ. A few projects moving forward and a few more started.

Helgafell prototype was delivered to the folks in Australia on time for some of their presentations. If things go well, this will continue to grow as a potential product.

We started exploring a new side-project based on similar work from Candy Chang, but for Iceland. The first and biggest snag was we’re not sure the copyright of Icelandic Laws. (No one can quite give us a straight answer) Which means the whole thing might get scuttled, but we’re moving forward and intend to get support from the right ministries.

Another potential project has started to get explored using DBPedia data and SPARQL to search it. This will be a nice demonstration as a bridge project from a digital, global database into a dynamically generated posted suitable for framing. We’re confident with the digital portion, after spending the summer deep in the trenches with SVG. Now it is the analog portion we’ll fight with.

Vísar has also been moving forward. Lots of little clean-up projects and archiving before the start of the school year for next month.

We’ve also submitted an article to a local magazine regarding Dashboard and Business Metrics. When that is published, we can share more.

A draft copy of our .NET spread has come through and it looks great. Can’t wait for that to get printed soon.

Finally, the UIE online seminar was a big hit. People had some really smart questions and good feedback.


I love things that are proxies for something else. Stories about more dogs and cats going missing as a lead indicator for earthquakes or satellite photos of cars in big box store’s parking lots as a proxy quarterly earnings. The more reason one is the Pickle Index. Based on the sales of pickled goods in the country-side of China as a proxy for population left after an emptying into the city.

One of the projects mentioned in the UIE talk was the concept of 3D printed data visualizations. There are plenty out there now, but the newest was a few weeks ago at Wimbledon. The 3D printed small trophies based on in game stats. Each player had a unique trophy based on their play.