Material: Being an Inter-multi-disciplinary Creative – Dan Rubin

Wednesday, February 12th, 02020

In this highly interconnected world, we look at the benefits of knowing a lot of different things just well enough and enjoying the ride.

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Omnibus 02019

Monday, January 6th, 02020

A look back over 02019: articles, travel, ambitions and failures. It was a good year and we’re expecting even more in 02020.

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Week #458, 459, 460

Friday, December 6th, 02019

A triple weeknote. We’ve been under the weather, thanksgiving holidays and lots of little tasks all made it hard to get the time and energy to get some weeknotes out the door.

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Week #298-303

Friday, December 2nd, 02016

A sextet weeknote, we always seem to run out of time each week to finish-up our notes. A strange last few weeks getting back into the swing of things.

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Week #155

Friday, January 31st, 02014

Continued progress on several projects and the start of a few new ones. We’re in the phase of divergence and exploration, then convergence to decide where to focus.

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