Week #361

Friday, January 12th, 02018

Lots of meetings about grants, some data charts and analyses. Our hope of meeting someone every friday for lunch has failed two weeks in a row, but we’re atleast getting out during the week for lunches with folks.

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The Data Journalism Handbook

Wednesday, May 23rd, 02012

The Data Journalism Handbook is a Creative Common’s licensed book about using data in reporting. This article is my contribution to the book.

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Skólapúlsinn: At the intersection of education and technology

Thursday, January 12th, 02012

This is an article written for a local computer magazine in Iceland. It describes much of the skólapúlsinn projects I am involved in along with how we fused technology and education using open source software.

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Five Simple Steps: Designing with Data

Sunday, July 25th, 02010

Over the last 6-7 months, I have been working on an introductory book. It is over 40,000 words on the topic of charts and graphs. It is more interesting that it sounds. I managed to sneak past the editor sections about crop-circles and the holy grail.

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Print on Demand

Tuesday, February 16th, 02010

The world of print has always been too complicated, expensive and elusive for most people, but now under economic pressures, doors that were never available are slowly being pried open so that we can print to a heidelberg just as easy as an inkjet.

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