Week #698 & #699

Friday, July 5th, 02024 at 15:51 UTC

Week #698

This week we wrote an article called Network Plumbing about our current hardware network setup and how we got from old slow internet speeds to a much faster, better managed with a more feature rich internal network.

One summer project we have for our survey company is to improve our email templates. What we’ve been using is an older design that was massively tables in tables in tables. Over the years we’ve simplified the design to a single column. All those tables were just getting confusing and making things very hard to edit. While we’re working on streamlining the design, we took the opportunity to also get dark mode working in HTML newsletter emails. In the fall, once we start sending to customers, we’ll have to update all our communications 1-by-1, but we have the template ready to go!

For Analog.is we setup PayPal as a potential payment option, but we messed up the process so bad we had to call tech support to help. Their only solution was to delete the account so we could start over!

For another project, we’ve been requesting any internal documentation about their art templates. After lots of back-and-forth, it turns out they don’t have any and referred us to the (not so great) documentation on the web. We also got feedback about our FTUE funnel achievements and that wasn’t particularly helpful either!

Our Australian project is moving forward, slowly. Our contact is leaving so email replies have been not particularly useful. Luckily, we’re pretty far along and are hoping to wrap this up soon.

We met with some old co-workers again for a potential new project. We made a plan on getting back into the swing of things in the fall after all the school summer holidays.

Our Miami project is going strong! That team is moving very quickly and has demoed the product a few times now. We’re laying down the railroad tracks as the train is rumbling towards us!

Our VR project is also looking great. We’ve been doing a few more tests on visionOS 2.0 and there are several things that are going to really help-us make this project easier.

Week #699

Our main focus this week was the Miami project. We’re bouncing between web and iOS and continuing with a customer and staff app. A lot of plumbing is now in place for Push Notifications and nightly cron-tasks to keep things in sync and all parties informed.

It is also the VSK time! Every two months we have to report our VAT to the tax man. Luckily the accounting software does all that for us, we just need to keep our expenses logged and bank accounts all reconciled.

Thursday was the 4th of July in the USA 🇺🇸🧨🎆🎇. Things were very quiet and we managed to stay focused on a few other topics. Friday was also pretty quiet.

We’ve started to set some internal goals to work a bit more on some of our products rather than services. We want to moves some of these Analog Notebooks and get back onto our Adventure Mazes and some new product ideas to generate some passive income.