Week #664 & #665

Friday, November 10th, 02023 at 13:31 UTC

Week #664

Apple rolled out 17.2 Beta and that broke some stuff! We quickly identified the problem, but since we are in mid-development and submission to them (which takes 3-4 weeks) would be thrown off course, we are in a bind as to release a quick patch or let it slide.

After some discussion, we’re letting it slide. It is beta software and the next beta patch will address the issue. Our code is fixed and will be submitted as part of the regular release schedule rather than a patch.

It is also the end of the month and end of the VAT period, so we needed to pay some bills and get organized with receipts.

We also chatted with an old friend working on a new podcasting project that we’ll be part of. We got the overview and scheduled a time in week #666 to do the recording. This is mostly around data analytics and should be available to listen in the new year.

The last two days of week #664 were spent attending a workshop. This were mostly with Icelandic lawyers and government organizations to discuss Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, shareholder agreements and more. We love this sort of administrative stuff, but you could tell others didn’t. Overall, it validated much of what we knew, we learnt a few things we SHOULD be doing and it is the kick in the butt to do a bit more.

A lot of this comes back to the business airport book Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty. Through out the whole book, there were two great take-aways and the first is in the name! Do the small stuff now, before you need too, otherwise, when you do, it’s too late. Lawyers are like that! It hurts to spend the money now when you don’t need too, but when you do, it’s probably too late.

Week #665

We sent off the our software to Apple for review and testing. They have certain dates they have blocked for marketing and need a bunch of lead-time. The process feels very “waterfall”, but there are lots of people involved and it isn’t “unknown” tasks, so old-school linear, ridged planning works. Just something agile teams are not always ready for.

We are in the works of extracting ourselves from a few older projects. Some collaborations have faded and blockers are in places that we can’t fix. We’re reviewing our roles in several of these types of projects and are removing ourselves completely, leaving others with both the decisions, responsibilities and potential the project had when they started.

In a tangentially related work note, several of the team got their new passports this week. After looking at future travel plans, we reviewed our passports and a few were expired or would be expiring within 6 months of the trip. We book time at the US Embassy and sorted some out and travelled over to the Icelandic passport office for the others. Now, we should all expire roughly in unison in 10 years time!

On Saturday, some of the team from Australia will be in town on holiday. We’ll meet-up in Week #666 for a chat, maybe some planning and other opportunities.


Back in 02009, we wrote about the 7 Stages of a Mythic Journey. This goes by many names and numbers, but getting it listed in bullet points is always a good reminder that just about everything can (and should) be mapped out experientially.

In 02014, we wrote weeknotes #194 & 195. This would have been the ~4th year of the company (52 weeks a year). We mention the ESA Rosetta Satellite about to land on an asteroid.