Week #648 & #649

Friday, July 21st, 02023 at 15:51 UTC

Week #648

This week was spent mostly rounding-up small tasks and supporting others with some numbers from analytics.

We also managed to send off our Good Morning Newsletter season 2 episode 7. Hopefully, people have enjoyed it. We send it ourselves without any trackings, so when we run the script to send, that’s the last we hear about it.

There is a small side-project that we’ve been tinkering with. It has been one of those that we’ve been kicking around in our heads for months and when we got a few days break, it was easy to get far, fast. We are a point now, that we’ve sent it off to people to get some feedback. Based on that, we can choose the right direction to continue.

Week #649

This week was also mostly support. We calculated some numbers and ran some reports on Spellstruck for some of the updates. This should help to anchor some of the discussions.

We had a good chat this week about new TV shows being shot in these 360 round virtual rooms with LED walls and computerized cameras synced with video game engines to managed the projection and parallax. While it might be cheaper to shoot this way, there is a huge setup cost, so people are still using green screens and going on location. But these existing companies working on video shoots are adapting as well, and we talked about some of the interesting ways they are doing that!

Twilio also finally changed their rules in Australia about sending SMSes from a short-code rather than a real number. It is part of some Anti-spam laws. A few of our customers got caught out and can’t send messages any more. Luckily, the solution is pretty easy: register a number with Twilio and send from that instead of the short-code.


Ten years ago, we used Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to re-created the infamous Four Name meme t-shirt, but this time with things that will kill you. The results are very much biased to where the people who answered lived!

Bric á brac

Since July 17th was International Emoji Day, I thought this was apt.

The interior angle of the pizza slice emoji in the Apple emoji set

Apple’s Pizza Emoji is 48.5556º, implying that the pizza was cut into a very awkward 7.4 slices. (Or that somewhere there exists another 48º slice and two corresponding 41.4444º slices)