Week #526

Friday, March 12th, 02021 at 12:21 UTC

The week started off great! We’ve been working on a prototype for 3.5 years with a small company in the UK. They’ve gone through a lot of difficulties in that time, but we’ve continued to work together to get to this milestone. Unfortunately, we can’t say more. But the samples we received are very promising and we’re excited to continue. Now that things are in place, we can iterate much faster and hopefully have something to show-off.

We managed to publish our 02020 Annual Report. The article looks at how and were we spent our funds, what portion of our income came domestically versus internationally and more. We write this so we can see how the company evolves over the years, but also for anyone else out there wondering what is “normal” we are atleast one more data point for them to compare.

This has been a week of small projects too. We did some more work on the BBC/NESTA wordpress site, a new project for a concrete company in Australia to manage their time tracking and resources, and stubbed out a new idea codenamed ‘apavatn‘.

We also had a phone call on monday night, where a friend pitched us an idea. It was great, because by the end of the chat, we both convinced ourselves this was a good idea! We’re going todo a little bit of research and regroup in a few days.

All this, and it was still monday!

The rest of the week we continued on a few of our smaller projects. While we wait for other, bigger projects to unblock, it is great to move a few others forward.

In 02021, we’re getting back into smaller, internal projects. Our codenaming scheme for this year will be Icelandic lakes (vatn). Our first, apavatn, is an ‘a’ lake in the southwest of Iceland. It is 13km2 in surface area. Once we have another project that warrant’s a codename, we’ll move onto a ‘b’ lake.