Week #430

Friday, May 10th, 02019 at 14:41 UTC

This week share’s its name with a main belt asteroid called 430 Hybris and E430, less commonly known as Polyoxyethene (8) stearate.

Several random accomplishments this week as we continue to get back on keel. Our last round of major surveys finished and we’ve been working on exporting reports. Once that was done, we turned our attention this week to the lesser worked on ‘boss reports’. As part of our staff survey, we asked about bosses. Those reports got the ‘good to go’ late last week and this week we compiled them into reports as well. They are now live for the respective owners to see. I’m sure we’ll get some interesting feedback soon!

We also finished-up a survey for 1st to 5th graders. This survey is all image pictures. Now that survey is completed, we have created the reports and are reviewing those for publication next week.

Triagemail LogoWe’ve also been tinkering with a few iOS apps. The main one we released this week was Triagemail. It is a small, focused unread inbox app. To keep you on track, it shows you the oldest unread email first and forces you to deal with them one-by-one. With as little context as possible you need to decide to either reply, skip it, mark it as read, or delete it. It has been our main email app for a while and it is a great way to graze your email quickly and keep things under control. The app is free until the end of May, then the price jumps to $1.99.

We have also been off-and-on working three other iOS apps. Dashbones is an artisanal browser which reads a json file and renders a tiled dashboard with some basic stats. We created this mostly targeted at the AppleTV, but it is the same code for iOS, so it is available on both. Behind the scenes we continue to clean-up the code and work on tweaks here and there, both for ourselves and a few clients. GeoColor is another lovely little app we made way back in 02016 as we were first learning about iOS. It takes your current location (GPS lat/lon) and converts it to a color. Sadly, it was rejected for being too simple. 2+ years have passed and we’ve learnt a lot. So we revisited the app, adding lots of features and resubmitted only to have a big middle finger again: Not sufficient functionality. *Sigh*, the joys of walled gardens.

The other app we keep doodling on is our Newsletters app. It is an artisanal inbox as well. This one only looks at newsletters and attempts to thread them like an RSS reader. Things are going well, but other projects just keep taking time away from this side-projects.

Moving Back Home

A few years ago, we managed to snag a small privacy room for an office. We did a bunch of work to make it nice and cozy and suitable for our work. Then a little over a year ago, everything fell apart due to some horrible neighbours. We never used the space and took anything of value out. After six months, the neighbours were gone and some renovation, construction, re-wiring and re-plumbing took place. This took around another 6 months. In that time, we hopped around to a few different office spaces.

This week, we re-opened the old office and started to clean. After a year of no use, it became a storage closet with everything covered in dust.

It is still a storage closet, but at least a clean and semi-organised one. Hopefully in Week #431, we’ll have shuffled out (or atleast organised) all the non-work related junk and will resume operations!