Week #217-218-219

Friday, April 24th, 02015 at 20:02 UTC

Weeks #217, #218 and #219 were spent mostly onsite working more on some dashboard projects. We’ve been taking lots of internal numbers within the companies and are trying to pull the most relevant ones up to a single KPI dashboard. We’ve been struggling with where high-level numbers end and were (and how) you dig deeper into more detailed and time-series data. This merges nicely into another top secret project we’ve been tapped into. It is also about showing off KPI data, but in a much different way.

These last two weeks we’ve also been working on the Virkisfell project. This is a project to build-up a tool for online volunteering. We’ve had discussions with several organisations who potentially could benefit from a tool like this. The response has been wonderful. We’ve gotten some sample data recently and plugged it into our system. From that we’ve made a lot of changes for the better. Over the next few weeks we’ll continue to iterate and improve.

We’ve also been planning projects for the rest of the year. Trying to figure out what it is that we want to work on, the types of projects we want to engage ourselves in and what their impact will be in and on society. Our first steps are to draft-up a series of questions we want to ask ourselves with any project. Such as; Is this a one-off art piece? Is this for promotion only? Can people build and extend upon this?

Once we know more about these questions we can begin to build a flow chart. If the answer is YES, continue to something like Will this pay for itself? if that answer is NO, then other choices will need to be made. Just because something is a NO doesn’t mean it is off the table, it might just need more pre-requests than a project for a non-profit. As we develop this with the team, we’ll show our progress. It might be more useful for others to conduct a similar exercise for yourself or your team.


As it stands, we have three outstanding invoices. One of the outstanding is a long lingering one that we continue to pester about with no response. One of the others was sent, but bounced back because they needed a PO number. Always ask about this before sending in the invoices to larger organizations so they can apply the bill to the right project. The third invoice was recently sent in so we can’t expect that to be paid so soon.


We continue to experiment with the LEGO Architecture set. This weeknote we tried to build a nice office block with a nice entrance atrium and lots of light from the sides.

Week #218 also saw an autonomous landing attempt on a barge at sea. Unfortunately, this was a failure. As with everything they will continue to improve the software code for future attempts.

Temescope is a small indoor weather simulator. Rather than some numbers for the week’s forecast, you can watch the weather play out in front of you. I think this would be more interesting for remote teams or anyone distributed away from someone else of interest. If you want to know the weather you can always look out your window, but seeing the constant rain for a friend, family or colleague from around the globe is more interesting.