Material: Misanthropic Principals – Matt Jones

Wednesday, February 19th, 02020

What does the future architecture of the web look like? When the energy to spin-up a radio signal vastly outnumbers that of a local processor?

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Material: Responsive Clothing – Nina Walia

Wednesday, January 29th, 02020

The Web has been about utility rather than expression for a long time now. How can we use new input methods to change this?

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Week 169-170-171

Friday, May 23rd, 02014

Another lapse on our part to get our weeknotes out on a weekly basis. Lots in the pipes and with summer coming, we promise more time to get back to writing.

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Week #161-162

Friday, March 21st, 02014

Our weeknotes tend to drift to fortnightlynotes, but we’re trying to reign that in a bit.

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Week #158-159-160

Friday, March 7th, 02014

The Alfa Romeo 158/159 shares its names with our fortnightly week note. The World Chess Federation (FIDE), currently has 158 member nations. 158 Kronois is a ~35km asteroid in the astroid belt. 159 on the other hand is CLIX in Roman Numerals. Strangly there is a disambiguation page on Wikipedia for CLIX. 160 is the number […]

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