Week #524-525

A double weeknote covering the good, the bad, and the ugly of the finances.

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Week #487-500

We’re back from a long summer holiday and a bunch of tasks apon return. So this is a quadruple weeknote to make-up for it.

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Week #289-290

A double weeknote. Some sad news, but may a hundred flowers bloom. Lots of other work behind the scenes as summer ends and projects slowly come back to life.

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02013 Annual Report

A look back at 02013 to discover how and where our time went and money came from. Hopefully others will find some of these metrics useful in their businesses.

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Week #132

Heads down for another busy week prepping for a school year start, which means more client work as well. Two new side projects in the wings to be worked on when things are slow or we need a break.

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