Week #424-425

Friday, April 5th, 02019

Another double weeknote as we get ourselves back into a rhythm.

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Week #422-423

Friday, March 22nd, 02019

A short double weeknote to get us back on track. The spring equinox has passed, but no one told the weather!

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Week #368-369

Monday, March 12th, 02018

A double weeknote due to some absences from the office and work piling-up, but here we go!

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Week #367

Friday, February 23rd, 02018

This week we managed to get some time to focus on a few internal projects that we’ve been sitting on for ages. With a bit of love this week, they might just see the light of day!

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Omnibus 02017

Monday, January 15th, 02018

A quick look back over the year. Normally with updates to posts, but it was a pretty dry year for writing in 02017.

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