What 2D Barcodes aren’t

Wednesday, October 5th, 02011

Over time, 2D barcodes have not lived up to their promise. Rather than push something that solves a non-problem, we can look back at the failures both in implementation, usage and what they were expected to achieve. This is a look into why 2D barcodes never, sadly, lived up to the hype.

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What are 2D Barcodes?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 02009

The world of barcodes is truly black and white. These tiny print-outs of lines and dots act as physical pointers to more digital information. In the past, they have pointed to UPC values in a database, but now their abilities have expanded to much more. The next generation of barcode, the 2D Barcodes could become as ubiquitous as blue hyperlinks as on the web—only time will tell.

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