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02024Q1 REYKJAVIK: The start of each year is marked by a burst of internal activities, from paying taxes and compiling annual reports to strategizing for projects and refocusing efforts. But as Bruce Lee said: Be Water My Friend. We flow and react to what comes our way rather than be too rigid in what we expect.

Due Diligence as a Service

This year kicked off with two projects. We provide help to companies and investors to do due diligence before investing in companies. One that crossed our desk at the end of the year was to take an existing company’s SDK and build a simple ‘Hello World’ app to test the difficulty and assess the capabilities compared to what they pitched. The other project is to spend a month and build a web/app prototype. We’ll be focused on the backend APIs, CRM, front-end and possibly some of the app. After that, they'll evaluate the next possible steps for the product. Having something in hand you can use on a daily basis is worth 1,000 Figma mockups.

⏳🌿 Long-Term Plants

A timeline of the evolution of Ginkgo, Magnolias and various insects.

Ginkgo trees are called living fossils. Over 290 million years ago, they thrived even before dinosaurs. Today, there is only one species left and it is endangered in the wild.

The magnolia is another ancient plant. They evolved to be pollinated by beetles, because they had to wait 10 million years for modern pollinators like bees and 100 million years for butterflies to evolve.

Both of these plants co-evolved in an ecosystem that doesn't exist today. Magnolias and ginkgo lost their original pollinators a long time ago, but they continue to survive all the way to the present.

Q4 Writing

In Q4, we published 1 article and 5 weeknotes, and stayed on track with the newsletter cadence of one full ◍ Quarternotes newsletter per quarter and one ⪮ Good Morning episode each month

NFC Business Cards

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