The 15th quarterly email newsletter from the ( team. Check out the archive if you missed any!
Greetings from Tjörninn, Reykjavík, Iceland. 02015Q3 is over, what did we learn?
A taste of something new
We used to think there were 4 types of tastes; Sweet, Sour, Salty and Bitter. Then we discovered Umami that sort of savoury taste. A few newsletters ago, we discussed Umami.

Now there is a 6th flavour, Oleogustus. It is that sort of fatty, oily flavour. For hundreds of years, humanity assumed there were only 4 flavours and in just the last 100 years, we’ve discovered 50% more. It makes you wonder if there are some other flavours hiding out there yet to be tasted.
Tang Tango
LISTENING: If you are interested in Podcasts and Food, you should certainly checkout Nordic Food Lab Radio. In one episode, they make an Ice-cream from Sugar Kelp, pairing the cream with the umami of the kelp.
Unmissable Instagram Accounts
As topography nerds already know, there are plenty of map related locations with horribly sad names.
Blueprints of various square spaces. It says what it does on the tin.
Paper Cut-out Architecture
Through the use of some well places paper cut-outs it can change the way you view the surroundings.
Business Card Notebooks
This quarter we are experimenting more with notebooks. On a whim we designed a few notebooks the size of business cards. It means any where you stick cards you can now stick a notebook. Sign-up to win a batch of three prototype business card notebooks.
15 years of the International Space Station
The first part of the ISS was launched November 20th, 01998. 

Things younger than 15 years old
  • Apple iPod
  • The Matrix
  • London Eye
  • Sydney Olympics
  • Facebook