Brian Suda's 4th quarterly email newsletter. Check out the archive if you missed any!

Art, Inspiration & Remarkability

02012-Q4 Reykjavik, ICELAND: This quarter saw plenty of travel and conferences, 4 conferences in 3 countries. Lots of eye-opening art, museum trips and plenty of new ideas and topics to talk about in 02013.

NÃO Shoes

It's not often you find a product that is truly remarkable. The kind that expresses the true definition that you actually want to remark to your friends about it.

In October I was in Stockholm, Sweden and stumbled across this little shop with an incredible array of coloured shoes in the window called NÃO. I've never seen anything like this before or since, so I went inside and had a look around and a chat with the owner. The shoes are all hand made in Brazil, but it is a special company and a special shoe. They are working hard to make sure it is fair labour practices, to the point of giving people a retirement plan - which ironically they went on strike against. They'd rather have the money in the short term than in the long term. No child labour and no work taken home or over the weekends.

The shoes themselves are an interesting story too. They weigh almost nothing, by far the lightest and most comfortable shoe I've ever owned. The souls are made from 100% post-consumer waste, all recycled bottles and other plastics. The cloth is off-cuts from a handbag factory. Rather than be wasteful, these shoes are taking objects out of landfills and putting them to work to generate revenue for families.

I'm not sure I have ever come across such a remarkable product in such a non-remarkable business vertical. While other shoe manufacturers are trying to compete on new features, NÃO sold me on the societal benefits.

Upcoming Conferences

We don't have plans to attend or speak at any conferences in the 1st quarter of 02013. We'd be happy to chat with you about workshops or presentations any time in the future. Just drop us a line.

Past Presentations

A few older presentations are available to watch and listen:

Photo by Jeffery Zeldman

Contest Winner

Q4's San Francisco map winner was Marko from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The randomly chosen co-ordinates where Lat: -11.921 Lon: 119.231 over 12,000km away.

For the next 3 months we'll offer the chance to win a limited edition letterpressed notebook of the infamous and unpronounceable Eyjafjallajökull.

You can't win, if you don't enter!

Artist: Alexandre Farto

Wandering around Brick Lane one weekend, I stumbled upon this:

I was told that the artist chiselled away the wall to make this beautiful relief. It wasn't until a few weeks later, flying to Lisbon, Portugal that the inflight magazine had a spread about the artist who created it, Alexandre Farto.

It turns out that it isn't always chiselled, but something much, much, much more dramatic!


As a small christmas present to friends and family, Jim Purbrick and Brian Suda teamed-up to create some printable 3D snowflakes.

Everyone is a unique little snowflake.

We created a unique, one-off gift that no one else could possibly replicate by using public data from various websites to seed and grow each person's snowflake. If you're interested in the process and want to know when you can get your own snowflake, you can visit to sign-up and learn more.

We're Hiring!

If your new year's resolution was to do something different, creative and exciting, then why not move to Iceland and join our team. If you don't make the jump now, you never will.

Optional is hiring. Everyone in Iceland is hiring! If our needs and your skills don't overlap, that's OK. Get in touch, I'm sure we can find you a job with any number of talented companies in Reykjavik.