Good Morning

Aug 02023
⪮ Good Morning :: ⪮ s02e08: Smoke & Mirrors
02023 Fagradalsfjall valley Litli Hrutur Volcano eruption in Iceland.

You know that feeling, once to start talking about something, you see it everywhere? For us, that is the concept of Pepper's ghost. It came up a few times recently in different discussions. Rather than keep sending the same links around, it makes sense to collect them here for everyone.

🪞👻 Pepper's Ghost

Pepper's ghost is an illusion technique performed by reflecting an image of an object out of sight so that it appears to be in front of the viewer. Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous uses of this technique today is the teleprompter.

It is named after the English scientist John Henry Pepper (01821–01900) who began popularizing the effect with a theatre demonstration in 01862. This launched an international craze for ghost-themed plays which used this novel stage effect during the 01860s and subsequent decades.'s_ghost

🕹️⏱️ The History of Sega's Time Traveler Arcade Game

A short 15-minute documentary about the world's first holographic arcade game arcade. Launched in 01991, for a time, it was earning over $1M a week in revenue.

🥽⭐️ Mira AR Glasses

In June, shortly after the launch of the Vision Pro, Apple purchased the AR glasses start-up Mira.

We know the Mira glasses mostly from the new "Super Mario World, Mario Kart Ride" in Universal Studios. It is a mixed-reality ride where you can interact with the environment via an NFC tag, physical buttons on the ride, and the AR glasses. (Go ahead and search for some videos on YouTube)

💿📱 Make your own Hologram viewer

With just a few tools around your house, you can turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram viewer.

Working on the Pepper's ghost concept, special videos play onto an inverted pyramid placed on your smart phone screen, creating a hologram effect.