Good Morning

Feb 02023
⪮ Good Morning :: Room for Space
Nighttime phot of the Saint Louis Climatron is a greenhouse enclosed in a geodesic dome.

“We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”
—Carl Sagan

Maybe it's time we learn more about 'star-stuff'.

🌍 Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

First published in 01969, Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth is a short book by Buckminster Fuller. The book relates Earth to a spaceship flying through space, without any sort of user manual.

Available at all good bookstores.

🏔️ The Tallest Peaks

In 02009, the Cassini probe's narrow-angle camera captured a 1,200 km-long (750 mi-long) section along the outer edge of Saturn's B ring. Vertical structures tower as high as 2.5 km (1.6 mi) above the plane of the rings — a significant deviation from the vertical thickness of the main A, B, and C rings, which are around 10 m (~30 ft) tall.

🔭 First Ever Image of a Similar Multi-Planet System

In 02020, European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope captured the first image of a star, like our Sun, with more than a single planet. TYC 8998-760-1 was observed with two giant exoplanets.

🌌 3.32 Billion Individual Objects Photographed in the Milky Way

There is a camera 2,200 m (7,200 ft) up atop Cerro Tololo in Chile. It is part of a collection of international astronomical telescopes. This one is called Dark Energy Camera (DECam) and when combined with images from Pan-STARRS 1, it completes a 360-degree panoramic view of the Milky Way's disk.

This image identifies 3.32 billion objects from over 21,400 individual exposures. Its two-year run, which involved about 260 hours of observations, produced more than 10 terabytes of data.