Good Morning

Jan 02023
⪮ Good Morning :: Year of the Leporidae
A sleepy early morning in a COVID-era, tourist-reduced Venice.

Welcome to series 2 of Good Morning. We're changing the format slightly for the next 12 episodes. The newsletter now consists of an intro and 4 short links, one for your 🧠 brain, one for your 👅 taste, one for your 🎧 ears and one for your 👀 eyes.

🧠 Putting the best "Foot" forward.

Right up until January 1st, 02023, the USA had two different, competing values for the foot. Both were based on 1/3 of a meter. One was rounded after 4 decimal places, the other was not.

Now, the rounded International Foot is the ONLY official foot measurement in the US.

For every mile (1.609344km), the variation is about 1mm, depending on which foot was used. It doesn't seem like much, but over long distances, big discrepancies creep in.

👅 The World's Oldest Dessert?

Ashure is laying claim to be the world's oldest dessert. Made from chickpeas and beans you wouldn't think of it as a desert, but along with some spices, it claimes to be one of the most delicious.

We decided to try and make a batch for ourselves.

🎧 BBC Radio 4 Podcast: You're Dead To Me

We listen to a lot of podcasts and wanted to recommend one of our favorites. It is both funny and educational. From some of the team behind "Horrible Histories", there is one topic per episode featuring an expert and comedian.

The podcast takes a quick dive into topics like the Ancient Olympics, Medieval Animals, history of Timekeeping, Notting Hill Carnival and more.

👀 NPR Music: Tiny Desk Concert: The Smile

The Smile was formed from members of Radiohead during the COVID-19 lockdowns. This is a live performance of songs from their first album A Light for Attracting Attention.