Good Morning

Aug 02022
⪮ Good Morning :: ⪮ s01e08: Time passes in many directions
"Venice Void (2022)" by Jana Euler at the Venice Biennale.

Akira Miyawaki (宮脇 昭)

Akira Miyawaki was a Japanese botanist and an expert in plant ecology who specialized in seeds and natural forests.

Chinju no mori is the traditional belief that it is considered unlucky to interfere with forests around religious shrines, temples and cemeteries.

Miyawaki observes that these are reserves of native species and tree genes descending from prehistoric forests preserved for generations.

The "Miyawaki method", is a developed, tested, and refined method of ecological engineering used to restore native forests from seeds of native trees on very degraded soils.

⚡️🌲 Piezoelectrcity and Plants

There was a story (which we can't verify) about a vast, unexplained radio dead zone on National Park land.

It turned out that a miles-long row of trees had grown into an old line of forgotten barbed wire fence. This grid of metal wire turned the electrolytic trees into a giant capacitor, which significantly disrupted radio propagation in the entire region.

That's a pretty seamless, unintended, and unexpected blend of nature and technology. It reminds us there really is a hidden dimension of energy running through things, and sometimes you find it by accident.

From: Evan “Skytree” Snyder on Atomic Priests and Crystal Synthesizers

A brief history of the numeric keypad

A long article about the design choices of how and where to place 10 little numbers.

A Spectre is Haunting Unicode

JIS X 0208 encoding, established in 01978, has several ghost characters (幽霊文字) with no explanation of their origin. These later got merged into the Unicode standard and continue today!

🕴Man in Business Suit Levitating

Originally part of the 01997 Webdings font, Man in Business Suit Levitating was added into Unicode 7.0. It is probably the only emoji directly modeled from a nameable person.