Good Morning

May 02022
⪮ Good Morning :: ⪮ s01e05: Dazzle and confuse the eye with color
Anish Kapoor's Non-Object Black, 02019 from the front and profile.


Vantablack is the darkest substance currently known, absorbing up to 99.965% of visible light. Originally designed for industrial uses, such as in space satellites and telescopes, British contemporary artist Anish Kapoor has the exclusive rights to use vantablack for art, which is controversial. His art plays with your sense of depth since there are no shadows for your brain to process a 3D shape on your 2D retina. It is mind-blowing 🤯!

Vantablack isn't a pigment, you can't paint it on with a brush. It's actually extremely difficult to create. It is a forest of vertical tubes "grown" on a substrate using a modified chemical vapor deposition process. Ounce for ounce, it is more expensive than gold or diamonds.

Cosmic Latte #FFF8E7

In 02003, the astronomical community announced the average color of the universe. They took a survey of the light from 200,000 galaxies to gather data on the formation of stars. That color turned out to be a boring beige.

Suggestions for a proper name for this color were submitted and "Cosmic Latte" was chosen. Latte is Italian for "milk" and connects back to our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Purple Haze Carrots

When you think of a carrot, you probably think of the color orange. But carrots come in a wide spectrum of colors!

Purple carrots range from dark violet to reddish-purple, with an orange or yellow center. They often have a peppery flavor. Cosmic Purple, Purple Haze, and Purple Dragon are just a few varieties.

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri

Very Peri Purple is the PANTONE color for 02022. Blue Iris was the 02008 choice, the Ultra Violet in 02018. Now this year, we're back to purple again.

If you can't imagine what Peri Purple looks like, think Nintendo GameCube!

Lomochrome Purple

Lomography created Lomochrome purple film to mimic infrared photography. The results are eerie and exciting. If you search for "Lomochrome purple Photoshop" you can see how to recreate it with any of your existing digital pictures.