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Into the darkness

02017Q3 REYKJAVIK: It has been a busy quarter for us! Many top secret projects and a few deadlines still pending. We did manage a bunch of fun stuff in between, here are a few other interesting finds.

The autumn equinox has passed and now it is getting darker and darker each day until December 21st.

Material Conference

Back in August, we helped host and organize a small conference here in Reykjavik called Material. The idea being, we look at the web as a physical material. If we can better understand its affordances, maybe we could learn to use it in some new and interesting ways. The day was a success, everyone had fun, the talks were mind-blowing and we’re all a buzz with ideas.

Since many of you dear readers couldn’t attend, we recorded all the sessions. At your leisure, you can relive much of the day: from learning about the differences in chocolate, to Polaroid instant film, we really explored the materiality of things.

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Data Salary Survey

We continue to crunch numbers for O’Reilly’s various salary surveys. In this edition, we explored the workload, tools and salaries of Data Scientists. The global median salary for someone working in Data Science is around $90,000 USD. If you are from the USA, you should expect closer to $112,000 USD. In Western Europe the median is half that, around $57,000 USD.

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There are a lot more facts, figures and interesting tidbits in there which could be useful next time you need to go for a salary review.

Crisp Bouquet is a unique and irreverent series of floral sculptures made from 🥔 potato-based snacks. Inspired by Dutch still life painting and intrigued by the incongruous juxtaposition of style and subject; the team set about to elevate the everyday to the extraordinary, lunchbox to luxe. It is a collaboration between set design duo Beast & Burden and photographer Dan Humphreys. 

There is a series of other Crisp Bouquet photos, each as amazing as the last.

Potoooooooo or variations of Pot-8-Os was a famous 18th-century thoroughbred racehorse who won over 30 races and bested some of the greatest racehorses of the time. He was also a highly influential sire in later life, not to mention one of the best names of any racing horse. (🥔 Potato!)