Our 18th instalment of the (optional.is) Quarterly Newsletter.
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02016Q2: Summertime Cleansing

The longest day of the year has passed, we're mid way to 02017 already. A quick look back at the last quarter, then time to wash-off the old, and look into the future.

Human Made Geology

"We are as gods. We might as well get good at it."
– Stewart Brand
PLASTIGLOMERATE: The first 100% human-made stone.
The combination of plastic and campfires has formed a wholly new sedimentary rock.

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Fordite: Auto-geology which no longer exists.
AKA: Detroit agate, is the paint job overspray which hardens enough to be cut and polished.

Read more about fordite
The Anthropocene is the proposed epoch that occurred when human activity started to impact the global ecosystem. These rocks are just two examples of that which will remain as part of the geologic record for centuries to come.
The artist Marlon de Azambuja has created some amazing works. Including a series of real-world extrusions using many rolls of colored tape. The results make you re-think what you are seeing and give you a new perspective as you walk around town.

The Least Desirable Hue

In an attempt to deter certain behaviour, it's possible to disuade people by association. This is what governments are attempting to do to get people to quit smoking by removing the cool-factor through plain label packaging. They have even gone a step further to survey folks to find the ugliest possible color. That turns out to be Pantone 448 C, Opaque Couché.

Our latest app for the iPhone. A holiday countdown so you know when's the next day to relax.


We are currently in the Old Icelandic Month of sólmánuður, which translates as "sun month". Each month was exactly 30 days long, but that only accounted for 360 days. This was because each month always started on the same week day.

The next month is sumarauki, or "Summer Extra". This year it is only 4 days long. That gives a total of 364 days. So every 6 or 7 years the old Icelandic calendar had a "leap week" to get back on track with the gregorian calendar.
The Illusion of the year YouTube channel is incredible! They just announced the 2016 finalists and they are pretty mind-bending.