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Q3: Jafndægur

02014Q3 Reykjavík, ICELAND: Jafndægur is the Icelandic word for Equinox. Literally translated it should mean "even day", which is really the definition of an equinox. From here on out until the end of December the days will continue to get shorter and shorter until 24h of darkness covers Iceland.

Wadokei (和時計)

Wadokei in action

The Wadokei is a traditional Japanese clock. What make it different than our European clocks is that it had variable hours. There were 6 units between sunsight and sunclipes and 6 units in the night between sunclipse and sunsight. At the equinox they are evenly distributed, but throughout the rest of the year they are compressed or stretched unequally.

You can watch a short video of a wadokei in action as they turn the dial through the year.

Northern Lights

With the pending darkness comes some amazing lights. Over the last year or so, friends have been putting together a short film about the Aurora. Shot in more than 50 different locations around Iceland, the results are amazing. We've had a sneak peak at the final film and it is beautiful.

Icelnd Aurora Trailer

10/10, would Aurora again!

You can watch the trailer online at




LatLon Notebooks logo

In March 02014, we started a kickstarter project to fund our LatLon notebook island series. The response was amazing, we broke 370% of our goal.

We now have finally shipped all our notebooks and our happy backers have been receiving their gifts around the world.

The next big hurdle was to move this from a one-off crowdfunding idea into something more. With the extra stock left from the campaign, we have opened a store.

If you are interested in ordering some notebooks, there is always a "Friend of Analog" and ( discount. If you email us, we'll send you a promo code.



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Mars Notebooks

Quarterly Contest

02014 is the year of randomness. This quarter we'll be giving away an Letterpressed Mars notebook from our kickstarter Island Series.

You can't win, if you don't enter!

Erupting Again

You are probably aware that Iceland has an active volcano that doesn't look like it is going to stop any time soon.

Holuhraun is the largest lava flow in recent decades in Iceland and covers at least 44 square kilometres and continues to grow. To put that in perspective, it's larger than Manhattan.