The 7th ( quarterly newsletter. Check out the archive if you missed any!

Q3: Crowds, Colors & CERN

02013-Q3 Reykjavik, ICELAND: Several conferences later, we're charged-up with lots of new ideas as we head for the home-stretch of 02013!

Unexpected Combinations

There are lots of strange flavor pairings which get you thinking. The most unlikely couple is that of Chili and Chocolate. Latin America uses this with success in their Mole Sauces

The most recent contender for odd food combinations is mashed Bananas and Avocado. Ever since we tried it with pancakes, we're hooked!


This is long-form writing, deep thought through articles.


We started a new section called Briefs. The idea being these are shorter articles which can be written more freely.


We are currently in week #139. Weeknotes are brief posts about the weekly progress of the company.

Contest Winner

Q3's Summer Postcard winner was Neetij from Mumbai, India. The randomly chosen co-ordinates where Lat: -86.442 Lon: 19.358 over 11850km away.

You can't win, if you don't enter!

02013 is the second anniversary of ( so the theme all year is paper. This quarter we'll be giving away a copy of the book.

Gone Traveling

Dopplr closes its doors this November. Their simple color algorithm, has always been a big influence on many projects we worked on. Their annual report and average speed represented as an animal will be missed.


If you've never heard of the Magazine Make Shift, you're missing out. It started as a kickstarter project in 02011 and now they are up to their 7th issues, all about crowds.

We had a small contribution about the Icelandic National Assembly event in 02009 discussing how a crowd of people worked together to make a better country. This eventually lead to a new draft constitution written by a crowd of laypeople.

We've previously written about some of the Þjóðfundur data mining efforts around the event and some of the outcomes.

CERN Terminal Font

As part of the CERN Line Mode Browser Hackday, Mark Boulton and myself attempted to recreate the IBM System 6000 Terminal Font.

We've put the font and all the pieces up online for anyone to use.

Meryin: CERN Terminal Font