Brian Suda's first quarterly email newsletter. I hope you enjoy.

Phase Transition

02012-Q1 Reykjavik, ICELAND: Welcome to the first of many quarterly email newsletters. It is week 14 of 02012, the spring equinox just past and every day is getting longer and brighter. Since this is the first issue, it will be short and sweet. Brian Suda has been experimenting with plenty of interesting projects these last 3 months which he hopes to share with you soon. In the meantime, this email has a few links, some interesting reads and brief overview events in Q2.

Upcoming Conferences

In 02012, Brian has several speaking gigs lined-up, but he's always interested in coming to your home town too. You can come see him at:

Past Presentations

A few older presentations are available to watch and listen: Photo by Jeffery Zeldman

100th Anniversary of the Titanic Disaster

This April 15th will be 100 years since that fated night where the HMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank. Last year, at History Hack Day, Brian Suda built a simple phone messaging system with Tropo which you could call and collect your Titanic Boarding pass. You gave your age and sex and it would randomly assign you a similar passenger and tell you your fate. You can read about it on the Tropo Blog, or dial in for yourself and see. If you are in the US or UK, there are landline numbers, (804) 316-9215 (US) and 44 2035142721 (UK), but if you have SKYPE, you can call for free with +990009369991481398 There will be more Titanic related visualizations come soon, so keep an eye on

Color of the Universe

Recently, some scientists attempted to determine the color of the universe if you corrected for the doppler effect and averaged the results. It turns out their best guess for the average color of the universe is actually pretty bright white. Close to #FFF8E7 is their best guess. It has been dubbed "Cosmic Latte". You can read about how they came to their conclusion

Contest Kickoff

We've started a small contest for members of this mailing list. Enter your latitude and longitude and each quarter we'll randomly select a place on earth and if you are nearest, you win a delightful prize. They'll range from t-shirts to posters to books and various other trinkets. You can't win, if you don't enter!

For sale in iBooks

Designing with Data is available in Apple's iBooks store for $9.99 (£4.99/€4.99). You can also purchase a hard copy or non-DRM version of the book from the publisher, Five Simple Steps.