Week #504

More programming than usual this week as we’ve needed to loop back through a few projects to bring them up-to-snuff.

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Material: 2018 Synopses

This was our second event. Taking what we learnt from the first one and iterating, we’re creating something more and more unique and special.

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Material: 2017 Synopses

A look back at the first edition of Material Conference back in 02017. What worked, what didn’t, what we learnt and how much fun we had.

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Week #256

Week #256 is a programmer’s goto value. We’re getting back into the swing of things in 02016 with weekly weeknotes.

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Week #194-195

A double-weeknote where we spent most of it in Berlin for the Beyond Tellerrand conference, but also focusing closely on conducting a few surveys.

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